How PreSleep Helps First Responders Unwind

How PreSleep Helps First Responders Unwind

First responders are crucial to protecting our community and family members.

They’re the first to arrive in high stress environments that most civilians flee from.

PreSleep is proud to have Hypertrophy Dad, a United States west coast based firefighter, join our affiliate program.

When PreSleep was formulated it was meant for anyone. However, athletes, high performers, and  our first responders need to be well rested and on top of their game.

Firefighters and other first responders like our friend Hypertrophy Dad, are trained to run selflessly toward danger. Their rescue operations and contributions to protecting their communities do not get enough recognition.

Here’s how PreSleep has made an impact on our friend’s ability to unwind after a long day:

“I need something to help calm my brain and my nerves after a fire, or a difficult call. Nothing worked.

If we got a burner in the middle of the night there was no way I was falling back asleep again.

That was until I discovered PreSleep.

The ingredients in this helped me calm myself and allow me to fall back asleep after an adrenaline fueled call.

Get back to the station, slam 1-2 scoops, and it’s night night.”


The recovery speaks for itself.

This is exactly what we had in mind when we were researching and developing blends for PreSleep.

We wanted to give people a simple cocktail to prime the body for sleep after a long day of labor.

To support Hypertrophy Dad, you can use his code for 10% off your next order , here.
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